Proposed Regulations


At a recent meeting, board members reviewed a draft of proposed modifications to the regulations governing architectural practice in Alabama. In an attempt to make the regulations more user-friendly, the Board reorganized the regulations so that related topics appear in the same chapter, edited old content and added new content that reflects current practice, and moved the Code for Professional Conduct into the regulations.

There are two versions offered for your review:

The first is the current regulations, with deletions (strikethroughs) and additions (underlines) and some general notes shown. Click HERE to view this version.

The second version is the “clean” version, which does not include mark-ups to the old text. Click HERE to view this version.

All registrants are invited to review the proposed regulation revisions and provide comments to the Board. Comments can be submitted in two ways:

Please forward comments by January 3, 2010, by e-mail to Cindy McKim at or by regular postal mail to:

Alabama Board of Architects
770 Washington Avenue, #150
Montgomery, AL 36130-4450

To ensure your comments are fully and completely conveyed, please provide any text edits or additions in direct association with our proposed regulation. If you suggest we insert or delete a word, phrase, sentence, etc., submit that page showing your suggested edits.